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Remote Key Loading



CIQ/RKL™ consists of the following modules:

POS/A98™: This module is the core module of the system. It is based on Trusted Security Solutions technology and comes in the form of 2 (two) 1U (7") high rack mountable appliances which include the HSM and they are networked to Authorization Host and POS/RKL™ key transport module. POS/A98™ supports TMK generation and TMK distribution. Keys to be distributed are encrypted using the RSA algorithm. In special cases, for legacy eft/pos terminals, distributed keys are encrypted using Triple-DES. 

POS/RKL™: This module operates as a transport mechanism between POS/A98™ key generation system and the crypto module of the supported eft/pos terminals (secure chip, internal or external PIN-Pad). The generated and encrypted key quantity, together with encrypted validation information is inserted into one of the POS/RKL™ interface fields. POS/RKL™ interface does not interfere with the content of the field that carries the encrypted key data. With this approach the encrypted data are transferred seamlessly from the generated device POS/A98™ to the corresponding eft/pos device. 


POS/RKL™ supports two (2) message protocols with eft/pos devices:

  • ISO8583 based: ISO/RKL™
  • XML based: XML/RKL™            

Message protocol is chosen based on the eft/pos terminal processing capacity and available memory. For terminal all ready supporting ISO8583 for financial transactions, ISO/RKL™ is the obvious option. 

Add Ons

For fast development and easy deployment, part of CIQ/RKL™ offering is to provide two simulators:

eft/pos simulator:  eft/pos simulator is used for testing Authorization Host Interface. CubeIQ’s eft/pos S simulator is a Microsoft™ Windows™ software application running on XP/SP3, 7/SP1, 8.1. and 10. The application simulates an eft/pos terminal in terms of RKL protocol message pairs (req/res) or req/req) for normal transactions proccesing but also for logical processing error like "RKL request before previously mutually authenticated" and others.

Authorization Host simulator:  Authorization Host simulator is used for testing changes required in eft/pos application in order to accommodate the POS/RKL™ message protocol(s). CubeIQ’s Authorization Host simulator is a Microsoft™ Windows™ software application running on XP/SP3, 7/SP1, 8.1. and 10. The application simulates an Authorization Host in terms of RKL functionality by processing RKL protocoal message pairs (req/res) .

Source Code: we provide tested source code in C for speeding up the development of eft/pos  RKL message protocol in eft/pos software application

Supported Host Systems

Intterfaces to the following EFT Host Systems are ready to be used:

  • ACI BASE24® (Tandem® platform)
  • ACI/SDM OCM24® (IBM® mainframe platform)
  • CV Systems (IBM® mainframe platform)
  • XP Systems (Fiserv) XP/XP2 (IBM® platform)
  • Postilion® (Windows platform)
  • S2 ON/2 and OpeN/2 (Stratus platform)
  • eFunds Connex® (Tandem® platform)
  • INTERPRO Technology, Inc. (INTEL with QNX RTOS)
  • Open Solutions POSH® (WINTEL platform)
  • Euronet Worldwide Auth/Switch (AS400 platform)
  • CR2 Transact (Unix platform)
  • A number of proprietary platforms
  • Standard ISO8583 Interface 
  • Standard XML Interface